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Wiki Loves Earth was introduced to Malta in 2022. This is an annual global photo contest to promote natural heritage sites around the world. It is the second largest photography competition in the world, after Wiki Loves Monuments.

The Wikimedia Commons page for Wiki Loves Earth 2022 in Malta can be found here.


The competition runs from the 5th June - 31st July 2022.

You can share as many of your photos as you like and these can have been taken at any time, you don't have to live in Malta to take part. You can also enter images for any of the other participating countries.

Please take photos with GPS turned on if possible.

When you create a Wikimedia account please include your email address so we can contact you if you win.

Please note

All images uploaded via the special upload wizard will be put in the Category:Images from Wiki Loves Earth 2022.

All uploads from Malta need to indicate the country where the photo was taken, and they will appear at Category:Images from Wiki Loves Earth 2022 in Malta.

If you don't specify the country during upload, your images are likely to end up in the category of images from an unknown country and may not qualify automatically for the contest.

Winning photos

The top 10 winning photos will be shown in the Times of Malta and the top 15 photos taken in one of the 300 protected natural sites in Malta will go through to the international competition.

Winners were announced in August 2022 and can be found on Wikimedia Commons.


The top photos were selected by a panel of judges, coordinated by Toni Sant. They were: Davide Denti Neville Borg, Enrique Tabone, and Marc Tanti

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