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Wikimedia Community Malta's annual activities are organised during a period covering 1 August to 31 July. This coincides with the reporting requirement for the organisation's affiliation with the Wikimedia Foundation, as well as the Spazju Kreattiv programme, which has consistently supported our activities.

(Face-to-face Meetups, Editing workshops + Edit-a-thons are suspended until further notice)

Dates are approximate - for planning purposes only. For actual dates and times see respective activity page on this wiki.

Planned activities for 2020/21


1 - 30: Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest
tbc: Wiki Loves Monuments Photowalk [cancelled]


1 - 20: Wiki Love Monuments judging sessions
25: WLM 2020 Malta winners announced


Wiki Loves Monuments 2020 exhibition CANCELLED


Wiki Loves Monuments 2020 exhibition CANCELLED


Wikipedia 20


1 - 28: Wiki Loves Art 2021


7 - 9: Art+Feminism edit-a-thon (TBC)

from 21 onwards: CEE Spring

tbc: Wiki Loves Monuments 2020 Award Ceremony at Valletta Design Cluster


1 - 30: CEE Spring


1 - 30: CEE Spring


1 - 20: CEE Spring


tbc: WPWP (Wikipedia Pages Without Photos)


tbc: WPWP (Wikipedia Pages Without Photos) including Wiki Takes the Valletta Design Cluster