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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos (WPWP) is an annual campaign where Wikipedia editors across the world, Wikipedia language projects and communities add photos to Wikipedia articles lacking photos.

This is to promote the use of digital media files collected from various Wikimedia photography contests, photowalks organized by the Wikimedia community, on Wikipedia article pages. Photos help to grasp the reader's attention better than a wall of text, illustrate content, and make the article more instructive and engaging for readers.

Thousands of images have been donated and contributed to Wikimedia Commons via various advocacy programs, photowalks, and contests including international photography contests such as Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Folklore, etc. Yet relatively few of these photos have been used on Wikipedia articles. Today, the Wikimedia Commons hosts millions of photo images but only a tiny portion of these have been used on Wikipedia article pages. This is a huge gap that this project aims at bridging.

How to participate

Before participating, it is important to read the participation instructions and rules below in their entirety. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

  1. Sign in if you are already registered on any Wikimedia project or Create a new account on Wikipedia (you can create your account on any language Wikipedia including your own language). The list of Wikipedias in all languages can be found here.
  2. Find an article that needs a photo. There are many ways to do this. Here are some tips.
  3. Find an appropriate image on Commons. Search for the image using the correct title or category. There are several ways to do this. See this simple media reuse guide. Here are additional tips. Please note that the purpose of an image is to increase readers' understanding of the article's subject matter, usually by directly depicting people, things, activities, and concepts described in the article. The relevant aspect of the image should be clear and central. The images must be significant and relevant in the topic's context, not primarily decorative.
  4. On the article page, find a section where the image is relevant and helps the reader understand the subject. Click Edit and insert the image, and include a brief caption explaining what the image depicts in the article. Use the best quality images available. Poor-quality images—dark or blurry; showing the subject too small, hidden in clutter, or ambiguous; and so on—should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Think carefully about which images best illustrate the subject matter. You MUST provide an edit summary for all your edits, "Preview" and make any necessary changes. Include the hashtags #WPWP and/or #WPWPMT (in the case of images on mt.wikipedia or from Malta on any language Wikipedia) in the edit summary of all articles improved with images. Then click on "Publish changes".
  5. Please be mindful of the image syntax! If you are going to add images to the infoboxes in articles, the syntax is a lot easier — just the filename, so rather than [[File:Obamas at church on Inauguration Day 2013.jpg|thumb|The Obamas worship at [[African Methodist Episcopal Church]] in Washington, D.C., January 2013]] simply type The Obamas at church on Inauguration Day 2013.jpg

Campaign rules

Images must be used on Wikipedia articles between 1st July to 31st August 2021.

There is no limit to the number of files one can use. There are, however, different categories of prizes (see below). However, do not deface Wikipedia articles with photos. Only add a photo to an article that has no photo.

The image must be published under a free use license or as public domain. The possible licenses are CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC-BY 4.0, CC0 1.0.

Participants must be a registered user on any Wikimedia project. Sign in or Create a new account on Wikipedia (You can create an account on any language Wikipedia, for use in your own WP and on all Wikimedia projects). The list of all languages of Wikipedia can be found [[Special:MyLanguage/List of Wikipedias</>|here]].

Poor or very low-quality photos are generally not acceptable.

  1. The image caption and description must be clear and be suitable for the article.
  2. All image additions must include a caption that describes what the image is of.
  3. Images should be placed where relevant in the article.
  4. Do not add photos to articles in a language you do not speak fluently. Users who repeatedly add captionless images, irrelevant images, etc. may be disqualified.

Participants must include the hashtag #WPWP and/or #WPWPMT in the Edit summary of all articles improved with images in addition to a descriptive edit summary, for example "Improving with an image" #WPWPMT. Do not insert the hashtag (#WPWP) into an article.

Syntax of file names and captions

"A white dog in a harness playfully nuzzles a young boy"
A Siberian Husky used as a pack animal

Basic example (producing the image at right):
[[File:Siberian Husky pho.jpg|thumb|alt= A white dog in a harness playfully nuzzles a young boy | A Siberian Husky used as a pack animal]]

  • File:Siberian Husky pho.jpg The file (image) name must be exact (including capitalization, punctuation and spacing) and must include .jpg</>, .png or other extension. (Image: and File: work the same.) If Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons both have an image with the specified name, the Wikipedia version is the one that will appear in the article.
  • thumb is required in most cases
  • alt=A white dog in a harness playfully nuzzles a young boy Alt text is meant for those who cannot see the image; unlike the caption, it summarizes the image's appearance. It should comport with accessibility guidelines and should name famous events, people and things.
  • A Siberian Husky used as a pack animal The caption comes last, and gives the meaning or significance of the image.

See wikipedia:WP:Extended image syntax for further features and options. If the image does not display after you have carefully checked the syntax, it may have been blacklisted.


Petscan may be used to find articles that don't have photos in your preferred language. The steps are highlighted below:

  1. Go to http://petscan.wmflabs.org
  2. From the Categories tab, you can select your language code (it, en, mt, fr, de for example)
  3. Select articles category in this language Wiki. For example the category "Monuments and Memorials in Lagos" on en:wiki
  4. Click on the "Page Property" tab, then select "Lead image=No".
  5. Click on do it.

Once this is done, the list of articles in that category with no photos would be generated. Then go to Wikimedia Commons to search for corresponding images with the article title.

Campaign timeline

The WPWP Campaign is annual.

  • Start for entries: 1st July 2021 00:01 (UTC)
  • Deadline for entries: 31st August 2021 23:59 (UTC)
  • Results announcement: 1st October 2021

International prize categories

Winning prizes for the top three users with the most Wikipedia articles improved with photos:

  1. 1st prize ― US $200 gift card + WPWP Souvenirs + Certificate
  2. 2nd prize ― US $150 gift card + WPWP Souvenirs + Certificate
  3. 3rd prize ― US $100 gift card + WPWP Souvenirs + Certificate

Winning prize for the user with the most Wikipedia articles improved with audios:

  • US $100 gift card + WPWP Souvenirs + Certificate

Winning prize for the user with the most Wikipedia articles improved with videos:

  • US $100 gift card + WPWP Souvenirs + Certificate

Winning prize for the new user with the most Wikipedia articles improved with photos:

  • US $100 gift card + WPWP Souvenirs + Certificate


We have planned a number of activities in collaboration with the Valletta Design Cluster to facilitate your participation in this campaign and the associated contest.

All these activities are held online on Thursday evenings starting at 6pm. Join us here!


1: Wikipedia editing workshop
8: WPWP meetup
22: WPWP edit-a-thon
29: WPWP edit-a-thon


5: Wikipedia editing workshop
12: WPWP meetup
19: WPWP edit-a-thon
26: WPWP edit-a-thon (inc. WLM 2021 launch)