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This page contains information specific for a workshop for members of the University of Malta's Translation and Interpretation Studies Department at the facilitated by Wikimedia Community Malta trainer Dr Toni Sant.

17 January 2019

Basic information

The workshop will take place at IT Services Room TR003 between 2pm and 5pm.

About the event

Following up on a presentation about Wikipedija at Europa House in Valletta in November 2018 this event is designed to train professional translators in the basics of editing Wikipedia. The workshop will also explore the current state of Wikipedija and provide an opportunity to consider what translators can do to improve the standing of Maltese-language content.

How do I prepare?

Simply CREATE A WIKIPEDIA USER ACCOUNT (if you don't already have one) or use the meta link

If you like, you can also learn a little about editing ahead of time here or here.

If you really want to get ahead of the curve, see Getting started on Wikipedia for more information

  • Goal for the day: explore the power of Wikipedia as a knowledge-sharing tool and learn editing basics, in the context of translating content to Maltese and other European languages.
During the workshop participants will
  • Gather in assigned room, set up computers/laptops, check internet connection and make sure everyone has Wikipedia User Account
  • Learn how Wikipedia works, a bit of history...and who we have in the room
  • Start editing
  • Discover how Wikipedia is used for translation, what are the trends internationally...and how do we address the current situation with Wikipedija?
  • Discuss options/plans for further engagement with Wikipedia in Translation

A list of attendees will appear here once user accounts have been registered.

  1. wikipedia:User:ToniSant
  2. wikipedia:User:Mewga
  3. wikipedia:User:Kabriello
  4. wikipedia:User:Darla86_wiki
  5. wikipedia:User:HER288
  6. wikipedia:User:IlariaFe
  7. wikipedia:User:Serpor
  8. wikipedia:User:Cborg07
  9. wikipedia:User:Toniaquilina
  10. wikipedia:User:EnriqueTabone

Links mentioned during the workshop

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